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Shout-out to other holistic healers!

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Clients have asked me about the services that I use for my own ongoing wellness. Below is a list a few of my favorites. 


Network Spinal Analysis. I've seen a few practitioners over the years,  in Madison, Wisconsin; Asheville, North Carolina; and now here in Austin, Texas. My nervous system is very grateful for this cool body therapy.

Dr. Wilmayra Ramirez is a one of my NSA chiropractors if all times! I can't say enough about her! She really understands the mind body connection and does a great job in helping my body release and/or transform the stuck places in my nervous system. Not only does this help me release physical pain, but also mental/emotional yuckiness too.

Dr. RoseAnn Mulligan is located on Medical Park Drive, here in Austin. She has a unique intuitive sense about the mind-body connection. 

This list wouldn't be complete if I didn't add a shout out to my favorite: Dr. Simon Senzon  is in Asheville, NC. He is 100% AWESOME!! There is no one with calmer energy and a wiser spirit in all of North Carolina, I swear!

Community Acupuncture is a movement to make acupuncture affordable to people, so they can access it frequently.

Wally at South Austin Community Acupuncture is awesome and has been helpful to me for a range of ailments, from a sore shoulder to a sore throat. 

There are other community acupuncture clinics around Austin, but honestly, Wally won my heart right away when I moved here, and I haven't checked the other clinics out. 

My Asheville connection: Todd at Asheville Community Acupuncture not only support my health and wellness with his wise acupuncture skills, but he made me laugh at every appointment. He is hilarious and such a nice, nice guy. 


I love doing yoga, thanks to my great pal, Jen Lara who got me  started with it many years ago when we shared a shack together one summer in mountains of North Carolina She invited me to a beginners class and I've been hooked ever since. 

There are many awesome studios here in Austin, but for busy people who don't want to or have time to fight traffic, there are a few great free web resources for getting your yoga on. Of course, it's best to check with your doctor before starting any new exercise plan.

My favorite is Lesley Fightmaster. Not only does she have a totally rad last name, but she also has about a million different yoga classes on her YouTube channel for any skill level. I love her calm centered energy. 

Jen Hilman, is an Austin resident, but I've only seen her on my TV. :) She also has some nice yoga videos. Here's one for elevating your mood. 

YogaWithAdriene. Although I haven't practiced with many of her videos, she has clearly built a bit of a yoga youtube empire for herself and has some really great content. She is also an Austin native and has some great and diverse videos to cater to all skill levels.  Go ATX! 

Yoga Nidra is not your typical yoga. It's basically a body scan technique that puts you in a deep state of relaxation. This video by Jennifer Reis helps me mellow out when I need to calm myself down. Love her!


I've shopped around for a massage therapist since moving to Austin, and so far, my favorite is Sarah at Pure Om. She is intuitive, kind, gentle yet strong, which makes her an all around great massage therapist!

This is the short list for right now, but check back for new additions in the weeks/months to come!